At Sub3fitness we have found that working as a team may enable you to achieve your fitness goals quicker than just by yourself.  The exercise will involve a combination of body weight, weighted and dynamic exercises. There are a set number of exercise stations where participants would rotate to a different exercise after a set time or repetitions with minimal rest between exercises and number of sets. 

Our coaches are focused on helping you overcome physical and mental challenges in order to improve your overall health and wellbeing.  Attending the Sub3fitness bootcamp can enable you to achieve:

✅  Increased cardiovascular fitness

✅  Improved muscle tone

✅  Increase in muscular strength and energy

✅  Increased social interaction 

✅  Improved posture

The Sub3fitness Bootcamp is designed is for all abilities with the emphasis on group encouragement, cohesion and a friendly, safe environment.  Sign up for a free taster session now, you will not be disappointed.