Sub3fitness owner David McKenzie was a talented young athlete. Brought up in South London with a brother who was a southern area boxing champion, the competitive spirit was instilled within him from a young age. 

During The European Championships, McKenzie would garner the inspiration for his company Sub3fitness that epitomises the values that David stands by that are accomplishment, hard work determination, inspiration and desire. These principles are required to succeed at sport and in life.

McKenzie’s relay team comprised of Brian Whittle, Roger Black and Du’aine Ladejo ran a world leading time, running under 3 mins and entering the sub3 club. Rings were given to each member of the team for this special achievement.

4 x 400 relay European Champions 1994
European Champions L-r Roger Black, Du’aine Ladejo, Brian Whittle and David McKenzie

During his time as an athlete, McKenzie recognised the value of great coaching. Having benefitted from the 4 coaches that steered his career from an aspiring youngster to gold medal medal winning senior athlete, McKenzie pays homage to those coaches who are Joyce and Jim Faichnie, Ron Roddan and. Earl Eustace Herbert.

David is a qualified level 4 personal trainer and has experience with cancer care and for individuals who are aiming for a sporting achievement.  

Over the past 17 years David has worked as a rehabilitation assistant at a South London hospital and currently resides at a world leading hospice, working closely with physiotherapists and occupational therapists, delivering exercise programs, improving function, increasing strength and enabling people to achieve their exercise goals.

It is against this background that David and the Sub3fitness team would like to help you get the body that you want, inspire you to attain your training goals and transform your life with Sub3fitness’s guidance and expertise.

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